Anker Indonesia Membership Agreement

Customers must read carefully, approve and accept all the rules mentioned in this membership approval page to become a member / member of

  1. All data must be filled in completely and correctly and not misuse data including (but not limited to) telephone numbers, e-mails and other people's addresses for any reason and purpose. Customers are willing to be prosecuted by legitimate data owners and Anker has the right to revoke membership rights and or choose legal steps for this violation.
  2. Anker will contact customers to verify customer identity if the data entered is invalid or needs to be verified.
  3. Each member is fully responsible for the password and the use of his account. Misuse of accounts by other parties is beyond the responsibility of Anker.
  4. Members of agree not to misuse existing facilities and features to harm any person, group or individual.
  5. Anker has the right to warn, freeze and delete a membership account unilaterally if it is suspected of being associated with data forgery / misuse, spamming, fraud, violating any of the points in Anker Guidelines and Rules and any kind of law violation.
  6. Anker strongly advises Customers to learn every detail of how to interact and the data available on the website to minimize losses to customers. It must be realized that the risk of finding data or members who are not in good faith will remain. By agreeing to these Instructions and Rules, the Customer accepts that Anker is not responsible for any errors in specifications, images, warranties, conditions and other losses suffered in connection with the risk.
  7. Anker has the right at any time and for any reason, change any part of these Terms and Conditions and each member approves it.
  8.'s copyright is protected by law. Advertise, copy, copy or use without written permission, part or all of the contents of for any purpose is prohibited.
  9. For whatever reasons and reasons that do not need to be further socialized, Anker has the right to change, add or reduce features and close and each member approves and releases Anker from all claims in any form.

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